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Saturday, May 31, 2003

See the comments under this post on Marduk's weblog for my take on realpolitik.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Frontpage Update:

You may notice that I have added a link to Joseph Liebermann's presidential campaign. I am endorsing Liebermann in part because he is the only Democratic candidate who took a strong stand for Gulf War II. I am also endorsing him because he will not continue the fiscal irresponsibility of Bush. I believe Liebermann's personal social views on issues such as abortion are very conservative, but from his statements, I think he regards the government as not being a means to enforce personal beliefs. Liebermann also understands what it will take to win the war on terrorism, and I can trust him to be supportive of Israel. In 2004, the first year I will be able to vote, I hope to cast my vote for Joseph Liebermann.
What is Sharon Doing?
A Theory

Haven't posted in a while, but you can expect more posts in the future. Here's my post, based on a comment I made on the IsraelInsider boards.

Assuming that Sharon doesn't believe the Road Map will lead to peace, here is one interpretation of Sharon's actions. I think he expects that the Palestinians will not follow the road map and crack down on terrorism. Sharon will make any temporary gesture that will appease Mazen, and when the PA does not stop the terrorism, he will declare that the Oslo Accords are dead, and that the PLO and all associated groups cannot or will not stop anti-Israel violence in exchange for independence. Therefore, it would be impossible to negotiate any more. The next step will be the reoccupation of the West Bank and the complete and total expulsion of the PLO. This may be Sharon's game, and I leave it to you to judge if it is a dangerous one.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Friday, May 16, 2003

The door to government largesse swings both ways for "small businesses."

Somehow I don't see this showing up in the Nation or the National Review anytime soon. Forget the Wall Street Journal. The only thing I want to add, is that in focusing on whether small businesses will benefit from Bush's tax cuts, Michael Kinsley ignores the big story: that MCT has duplicitly spent a decade bilking or lobbying for tax breaks from all sides of the aisle. Example:

October 1996. Republican vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp holds a rally at MCT. Ted Martinez hands him a document asserting that almost a third of MCT's payroll goes to paying federal, state, and local taxes. In his speech, Kemp makes it "half."

October 1995. Giant defense contractor TRW announces that it has won a $185 million contract from the Air Force, which it will share with two "small disadvantaged business" including MCT.
If six monkeys type on a computer for one month...

They will type 5 pages of the letter "s."
Matthew Miller makes a point about how Bush can be defeated that I hadn't gotten around to posting. (see the May 14 column in the archive) Choice bit:

One key to Bush's electoral strategy is to sustain his image of "compassion." It's what pulls a chunk of pivotal independent voters his way, people who otherwise might not support Bush if they discovered the compassion was a hoax.

But Democrats are on their way to exposing this hoax. If the eventual Democratic nominee wants to cover today's 41 million uninsured, for example, and Bush wants to cover 6 million because he'd prefer to use the money to cut taxes for the well-off, that difference is stark and can be hammered home.

I recommend reading the rest.

Just noting that sometime in the next couple of days I will post a retrospective on Gulf War II. In the meantime, you are well-advised to read Lt. Smash.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Salaam Pax is back!