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Friday, October 18, 2002

Time For a Constitutional Convention:
You need only look at the state of judicial policy in the U.S. to realize that something has gone wrong, if it doesn't involve spending large amounts of money(for which there are few unclear constitutional statements), almost everything voted on in Congress and passed by the Executive Branch goes to the Supreme Court. What the Framers would have found to be an absurd amountof judicial interpretation is becoming routine. And it is tearing this nation apart and jamming up our political system. Its not a conservative issue. Its not a liberal issue. I'm talking about abortion, gun policy, drug policy, affirmative action, racial profiling, etc. We need to have politicians be able to pass laws on these issues without being afraid that a justice is going to chew it up. The Framers did not intend the Supreme Court to be the interpreters in chief. They were meant to be safeguarders of our liberty, the rights we take for granted. It's time to have a second Constitutional Convention to Clarify the Constitution. Why did you think the Framers made such provisions for amending the constitution? I'll probaly write more on this later.

"Peace out, Dawg"
-Zonkers, of Doonesbury

Do a good deed for the world, do a good deed for your soul.