Calling Coyotes by Cross-Country Communication in all Counties

Sunday, June 30, 2002

For all ye interested, my history will talk about the emergence of e-commerce, e-news, web e-mail, personal web sites,, and weblogs.


Isn't the non-automatic updating of the Blogger template annoying?
Note to self, locate somebody with expertise on how to tool with this template.

Here it is, the first entry of Meanderings on My first two posts can be viewed here. For those who are curious, the title of this weblog's reference to post-modernism is a joke on the fact that a lot of poeple who use the term have no clue what it means. Coming soon is a brief history of the modern web.

"As the blind lead the blind, so shall the unenlightened lead the unenlightened. Experience is the best teacher"